We offer our executives three coaching programmes - One-to-one, Open Programmes and Closed Programmes.

One-to-one Programmes are our standard coaching engagements with individuals; this may or may not include the parallel learning process of an experience. It depends on the requirements of the coachee.

Open Programmes are coaching engagements with a shared learning experience; the coaching is on an individual basis and of course confidential, while the experience is a shared experience among like-minded people. Every year, we run one or two of these programmes.

Closed Programmes are coaching engagements with a bespoke learning experience; this is normally for individuals who want to choose their own experience or organinazations looking for a bespoke team coaching intervention.

Entering into a coaching engagement, especially for the first time, may be full of doubts.

You may have tons of questions racing around your head - do I have the time, do I want to talk about personal matters, how do I know if this coach is any good, do I want to spend this sort of money on myself?

In order to move through these doubts, we move through two steps with you that require no commitment.

1st Step - we have an informal conversation about coaching and what it is that you are looking for. We get to know more about you and you get to understand more about our coaching process. At this point, either of us may decide not to continue. If we feel that our coaching  is the way forward, then we move onto Step 2.

2nd Step - we have a coaching session, at no cost. This allows you to actually experience the coaching process, get a sense of the rapport between you and the coach and see the value in this sort of intervention.