We are an experienced-based coaching practice for leaders in NGOs and Charities

We incorporate learning experiences into our coaching framework to help senior directors enhance, energize and sustain their performance.

How we coach

Our platform for coaching is Ontological Coaching - ontology meaning the study of being. We believe that the results you achieve in life depend on how you are showing up - in emotions, body and language. Coming at life from love will create different possibilities and actions than coming at life from fear.

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Who we coach

We coach senior executives in NGOs, charities and Not-for-profits; coaching in this sector is proving invaluable as these leaders are often working beyond their capacity, are apt to put their cause before themselves and move extremely quickly through the organizations. We have worked with executives at MSF, Friends of The Earth, Save the Children, Equal Access, and 38 Degrees.

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On the blog

What's the ROI on a healing session by a Maya Priestess in Geneva?

Thursday, March 10, 2016 - 14:12

“What if all our effort in the world was being sabotaged by the way energy was flowing around our bodies”; this thought led me to the most comical and profound experience.

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